Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dessert or not to Dessert! That is the Question!

My honey-pie Tom, and my two sweet children, Mallory & Bryant, have started cooking desserts together!  I have found this to be fun, family time shared together, and also deliciously rewarding!  I am having what some people would call a mid-life crisis time of my life.  I have went from being an extremely busy Mom, that was never home, always traveling with the kids and their school functions to a complete halt!  Nothing could have prepared me for the rush! rush! hurry! hurry! life style to now the complete halt it took.  Sitting in the the house, waiting for the next day to roll around has become more than I could bare.  So I have done what Mom's in  my shoes do, and that is start cooking desserts!  My desserts are homemade, very simple, not fru-fru, yet super yummy!  My friends and family tell me I am a great cook, and should open a cafe!  But I am choosing to go slowly, give a shot at bake goods that I am extremely good at!  Be looking in a few weeks for an open invite to come to our home for a taste!  I am looking forward to sharing my new love with family and friends!  Until next time!  The Dessert Diva!  Stacy!

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