Monday, July 18, 2011

No dessert night!

It has totally been a Monday twice over!  Work is always an Adventure!  If you don't like what is going on, stick around a little while, and it's like weather in the South!  Hot and Crazy!  Tom and I baked on Saturday.  Our desserts of the day were Banana Nut bread, Italian Cream Bundt cake, and a Pear Perserve cake!  All were awesome!  But the Banana Nut Bread knocked it out of the ball park!  I am totally loving this new part in my life!  I want to have the First Wives Club over first for more of a true, honest opinion before I venture out a little more!  The people at Adventure are brutally honest, but I sometimes believe they will stretch the truth a little just to get dessert daily!  And I have the most awesome, truthful, best friends in the world!  and I value their opinion tremendously!!  There was no baking on Sunday or tonight! Will heat the oven back up tomorrow night!
I hope your dreams are magical and your days are blessed!!

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